Leybold X-ray Apparatus

Complete Fully-Featured, Microprocessor-controlled Device with X-ray tube Mo and Goniometer Designed for Conducting a wide variety of experiments in X-ray Physics.

Photoconductivity Experiment Set Up

The New Klinger Scientific Photoconductivity Experiment Complete Physics Set Up utilizes the absorption of light by means of the inherent photoelectric effect in a semiconductor to create electron-hole pairs.

Klinger Molecular Models

Our models are hand made in the USA by Klinger Educational Products since 1955. All of our models are permanent museum quality structures. Manufactured with only the best materials.

Laser Whiteboard Optics Kits

This set has turned out to be one of our best-selling products due to its simple design, user-friendliness and clear demonstration of basic principles of geometrical optics. This is our 2nd generation optics kit after Klinger created the Blackboard optics kit in 1975!

  • Mobile CASSY System

    Our Mobile-CASSY 2 WiFi system represents the pinnacle of sensor technology and data collection in the educational field.

  • Artec Logger - Sensors and Data Collection

    A wireless data loggerfor fun, easy, andreal scientific experiments. Works on the device of your choice whether laptop, desktop, or tablet.


Science Lab Equipment for All Ages

For over 65 years KLINGER has been a leading supplier of quality Science Lab Equipment and apparatus for physics education


Having good science lab equipment is an essential part of your daily work. From microscopes to beakers and test tubes, having the right equipment is crucial for conducting experiments accurately and safely. In today's world, there are constantly new technologies and advancements in scientific equipment, allowing us to delve deeper into the mysteries of the universe.