About Us


A 3rd generation family run business 

Although we are considered a small company by comparison to competitors in the field, our attention and reputation for customer service and satisfaction is one of the strongest in the industry.

For over 65 years KLINGER has been a leading supplier of quality scientific laboratory equipment and apparatus for physics education.

The company was founded in New York in 1955 by Dr. J. Klinger, a very talented and innovative physics professor who designed and constructed his own apparatus and experiments to teach and inspire students in what he felt was the most important branch of science, physics. Dr. J. Klinger realized that knowledge of physics, even on the most basic level would make a student perform better at whatever profession he or she chose.

The probability is high that a glance around any college physics lab across the US will reveal a reliable piece of apparatus or crystal model acquired from KLINGER. Our products are manufactured to last. Their quality and durability are the most effective advertising for our company. The performance of our equipment and apparatus and our commitment to customer service is the best confirmation of our fine reputation in the physics and scientific apparatus industry.

In addition to products of our own manufacture, KLINGER distributes and services products for experiments and equipment in physics, chemistry,  technology, and engineering manufactured by LEYBOLD/LD. We are the exclusive LEYBOLD/ LD representative in the US.

KLINGER is also the exclusive US representative for OPTIKA Science products based in Italy. OPTIKA Science is a world leader in the science field.

We have added many new items from United Scientific, AU Physics, Heliocentris, Quantum Levitation, Cornelsen-Experimenta, Lab-Aids, Kemtech Scientific, 3b, Eisco, Robolink, Snap Circuits, Molymod, and more to give our loyal customers more of a variety when choosing their new lab equipment at the best prices.

KLINGER is now one of the leading Robotics distributors in the US. We have partnered with Robolink, as well as others to expand the product offering and the curriculum in the K12 classroom.  KLINGER is now selling the best quality robotics at prices the competitors can not compete with.


Customer Service Excellence “To perform consistently and deliver value-added services to our customers with the highest level of quality. In the process meet or exceed customer expectations.”

Service excellence is our mission, the critical element for maintaining life-long, valuable relationships with our customers. We strive to not only meet our commitments and client expectations but to exceed them on every level and deliver exceptional value!