WMD-9601 Wave Motion Demonstrator Single Unit

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Wave Motion Demonstrator Single Unit

The Wave Motion Demonstrator allows mechanical waves to be created to demonstrate the behavior and properties common to many types of waves.

How It Works

A series of steel rods is attached at their centers to a torsion wire. When a rod is displaced and released, a wave propagates along the rod. Velocity depends on the torsion constant of the wire and the moment of intertia of the rods.

The Demonstration Wave Machine allows for easily visible demonstrations that show the behavior and properties of transverse waves.

The motion of the wave is demonstrated by a chain of 73 steel pendulum bars each soldered at their mid-point along a rod spring that can be subjected to torsion. The ends of the bars are painted on one side in fluorescent paint and on the other side with white paint.  A damping mechanism is also supplied and a retaining clamp on a stem for demonstrating reflections at a fixed end. The machine is mounted on a foldable steel base.

Number of bars: 73
Length of bars: 460 mm
Total length: 920 mm

Wave Demonstration

Wave Propagation

Velocity in Different Media

Wavelength versus Velocity and Frequency

Reflection at Fixed and Free Boundaries

Constructive and Destructive Interference

Standing Waves and Resonance