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WBOPS1-W Whiteboard Only

WBOPS1-W Whiteboard Only

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 Whiteboard Only

A comprehensive and economical set of equipment for ray optics

and color experiments using magnetic-backed components that can be used on the included whiteboard or any installed steel whiteboard. The whiteboard has a usable surface of 23" x 15.5" and has swiveling feet on two sides so that it can be set up in wide or tall format. The double-ended light box contains a 12V/20W halogen lamp powered by a wall-mount AC adapter and cooled by a built-in fan. One end carries a cylindrical lens and slots for mounting the three slit diaphragms for ray optics.
The other end carries two adjustable mirrors and an open area for color mixing work using colored filters that fit into slots in the ray box.

Weights: Whiteboard - 5 lb, 9 oz.
Contents: 1 23” x 15.5” Whiteboard

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