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T21023 Chamomile Blossom (Matricaria chamomilla), Model

T21023 Chamomile Blossom (Matricaria chamomilla), Model

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Chamomile Blossom (Matricaria chamomilla), Model

The chamomile plant belongs to the family popularly known as asters, composites, daisies or sunflowers (Asteroideae, formerly known as Compositae). In our models of the flower of a real chamomile, both inflorescences and individual flowers are depicted in a highly detailed and clear fashion. Inflorescences are enlarged by a factor of 10 to 1 with a cut-away along their length to display the internal and external structure. The flowers in full bloom are enlarged by 70 to 1, allowing for a detailed look at their interior. Inflorescences and flowers are mounted securely on a stand with its own base.

Dimensions: approx. 23x25x30 cm³

Weight: approx. 0.7 kg

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