T210161 Apple Flower (Malus pumila)

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Apple Flower (Malus pumila)

Enlarged 5x life-size
Family: Rosaceae

Species of woody plants and rose plants include trees, bushes, and hardy perennials. Rosaceae species are subdivided into 4 subfamilies: Spiraeoideae, Rosoideae, Maloideae (pomaceous fruit, e.g. apple) and Prunoideae (stone fruits, e.g. cherry). The flowers mostly feature a pentameric perianth and numerous stamen. An apple flower is the perfect model of 5’s in Fibonacci’s sequence. The flower is radial, five-whorle and five-part. Five sepals form the inner whorle, next to them are 5 petals. There are typically 5 inflorescence on a branch. The stamina are bunched in five’s, this model has 4 sets of stamen. While individual flowers vary in numbers of sets they are always in multiples of five. Hawthorn (Crategus monogyna) and Cherry (Cerasus vulgaris) have similar flowers. A spectacularly beautiful model, the rounded white leaves are barely tinted with pink. The powder-coat paint on the stem and anthers give this model a realistic look & feel.

10 x 9 x 16½”, .91kg,