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PTPGS Visual Scientifics Photogate Sensor

PTPGS Visual Scientifics Photogate Sensor

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Visual Scientifics Photogate Sensor

Using the Visual Scientifics Platform, this state of the art equipment makes learning Physics more fun than ever.

The Visual Scientifics Photogate System simplifies data recording for students, allowing them to focus on learning.  Photogate System Functions in Four Modes: 1. Gate (Time of Interruption) 2. Pulse (Time between interruption) 3. Pendulum (Time between 1st and 3rd interruption) 4. Frequency (Frequency of interruptions) Additional Features: - Functional stopwatch built in - Battery operated with ability to charge - Rugged ABS case -

Works with VISUAL SCIENTIFICS and numerous physical science systems

This kit contains: - 2 Photogates - 2 Connecting wires - Main photogate hub and control - Wall charger -

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