PH0351PLN8 Advanced Dynamics Cart Set, Plastic (Set of 2)

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Advanced Dynamics Cart Set, Plastic (Set of 2)

These carts are made of a single-piece of virtually unbreakable ABS. The carts can be used for a variety of precision experiments. These are an excellent upgrade to the standard wood or metal carts. Each cart has a set of 2

Product Specifications

Weight (lb)3.8
Length (in)14.5
Width (in)11.5
Height (in)4.5

Product Description

Body of the cart is mounted on set of three low-friction nylon wheels to produce straight travel over long distances
Lockable spring-load punch has two levels of compression, activated by trigger knob on cart top
Cushioned cart surface enables the addition of more masses to increase effective weight of cart
Carts are able to be stacked, creating a single cart of two or three times the basic cart mass
Velcro pads are attached to the rear to enable study of inelastic collisions