P6.5.6.1 Quantitative Observation of the Compton Effect

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Quantitative Observation of the Compton Effect

In the experiment P6.5.6.1, the Compton scattering of γ quanta with the energy E0 = 667 keV at the quasi-free electrons of an aluminium scattering body is investigated. For each scattering angle ϑ, a calibrated scintillation counter records one γ spectrum with and one without aluminum scatterer as a function of the respective scattering angle. The further evaluation utilizes the total absorption peak of the differential spectrum. The position of this peak gives us the energy E(ϑ). Its integral counting rate N(ϑ) is compared with the calculated effective cross-section.


1 559 800 Equipment set for Compton scattering
1 559 809 Cs-137 preparation, 3.7 MBq NOT INCLUDED
1 559 845 Mixed nuclide preparation, α, β, γ
1 559 901 Scintillation counter
1 559 912 Detector output stage
1 521 68 High-voltage power supply, 1.5 kV
1 524 013 Sensor-CASSY 2
1 524 058 MCA box
1 524 220 CASSY Lab 2
1 additionally required:
PC with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (x86 or x64)