P5.8.7.3 Glass Fibre Optics Photonics Kit

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Glass Fibre Optics Photonics Kit

Coupling of light to fibres Coupling Optics Diode laser Characterization of glass fibres Cutting of fibres Signal transfer via glass fibres Speed of light

Glass Fibre Optics General Set-up:

This set-up has been made with a multimode fibre. Because of didactic reasons a bare fibre without extra protective coating has been selected. The cut and cleaved fibre is put into the groove of holder (12) and carefully fixed with the two magnets. The laser diode in its housing (9) is mounted on a four axes fine adjustment holder. A Peltier cooler and a thermistor for measuring the laser diode temperature are built into the housing. The laser diode emits a maximum power of 50 mW as laser of class 3B. A microscope objective (10) collimates the laser diode radiation. The module (11) consists of a fine adjustment holder with four axes and an objective of smaller focal length to focus the collimated laser diode radiation in such a way that an effective coupling to the fibre is ensured. 1000 m multimode fibre (5) are coiled up on a drum. The second fibre holder (13) is mounted on a hinged joined angle connector. The module (14) consists of the detector with a PIN photodiode and is mounted on top of the pivot arm. By turning the arm the angle resolved intensity distribution either of the laser diode or the fibre output can be measured. The module is connected to the signal conditioner box (7) where a BNC socket is provided to connect the output either to an oscilloscope or digital multimeter

1 474 1036 Collimating Optics on Carrier
1 474 151 Coupling Optics, XY- Adjustment Holder
1 474 152 Bare Fibre Holder with Translation Stage
1 474 154 Bare Fibre Holder on Rotation Stage
1 474 5227 Optical Glass Fibre, 1000 m multimode
1 474 6420 Optical Fibre Cleaver and Breaker
1 474 6421 Adjustable Plastic Cover Stripper
1 474 4025 IR converter screen 0.8 - 1.6 µm
1 474 306 Photodetector signal conditioning box
1 474 216 SiPIN Photodetector, Mounting Plate C25
1 474 5464 Oscilloscope, Dual Channel, Digital
1 501 06 HF-Cable, BNC-BNC, 1.5 m
1 501 061 HF-Cable, BNC-Mini BNC, 1.5 m
1 474 302 Controller for Diode Laser
1 474 1022 Diode Laser Head with Adjustment Holder
1 474 5442 Profile rail, 500 mm
1 474 251 Transport and Storage Box #01
1 474 7119 Manual Glass Fibre Optics
1 474 5226 * Optical Glass Fibre, 1000 m monomode
1 474 5295 * Multimode optical fibre 5000 m, 50/125 µm, on drum

Articles marked with * are not essential, we do however recommend them to carry out the experiment.