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Leybold LD Didactic

P5.6.2.1 Measuring With Short Light Pulses

P5.6.2.1 Measuring With Short Light Pulses

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Measuring With Short Light Pulses

The light velocity measuring instrument emits pulses of light with a pulse width of about 20 ns. After traversing a known measuring distance in both directions, the light pulses are converted into voltage pulses for observation on the oscilloscope.P. Determining the velocity of light in air from the path and transit time of a short light pulse.P. Determining the propagation velocity of voltage pulses in coaxial cables.


1 476 50 Light velocity measuring instrument
1 460 10 Lens in frame, f=200 mm
1 460 335 Optical bench with standardized profile, 0.5 m
2 460 374 Optics rider, 90/50
1 575 214 Oscilloscope 30 MHz, two-channel, analogous
3 501 02 BNC cable, 1 m
1 311 02 Metal rule, 1 m
1 300 01 Stand base, V-shaped, large
1 300 44 Stand rod, 100 cm, 12 mm diam.
1 301 01 Leybold multiclamp


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