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Leybold LD Didactic

P1.8.7.1 Measurement of Airfoils in a Wind Tunnel

P1.8.7.1 Measurement of Airfoils in a Wind Tunnel

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Measurement of airfoils in a wind tunnel

In the experiment P1.8.7.1, the air resistance fW and the lift FA of an airfoil are measured as a function of the angle of attack α of the airfoil against the direction of flow. In a polar diagram, FW is graphed as a function of FA with the angle of attack α as the parameter. From this polar diagram, we can read e. g. the optimum angle of attack.


1 373 12 Wind tunnel
1 373 041 Suction and pressure fan
1 373 075 Measurement trolley for wind tunnel
1 373 08 Aerodynamics accessories 2
1 373 14 Sector dynamometer, 0.65 N


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