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Leybold LD Didactic

P1.1.2.1 Determining the Volume and Density of Solids

P1.1.2.1 Determining the Volume and Density of Solids

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Determining the Volume and Density of Solids

To determine the density of solid bodies, a weighting is combined with a volume measurement. The volumes of the bodies are determined from the volumes of liquid which they displace from an overflow vessel. In the experiment P1.1.2.1, this principle is tested using regular bodies for which the volumes can be easily calculated from their linear dimensions.

Items Included with Experiment:

1 362 04 Overflow vessel
1 590 08 Measuring cylinder 100 ml
1 590 06 Plastic beaker
1 309 48 Fishing line
1 311 54 Precision vernier callipers
1 315 05 Single-pan suspension balance 311
1 352 52 Steel balls, 30 mm, set of 6
1 361 63 Cubes (2x) and ball (1x)
1 590 33 Gauge blocks, set of 2
1 309 42 Colouring, red, 10 g

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