OPTKIT Economy Optics Kit

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Economy Optics Kit

An entire optics set at a great price! Includes everything you need to demonstrate basic principles of light and color. Includes a reusable storage box.

Shipping weight 1.75 lbs.  Dimensions:  14" x 9.5" x 3".


1.Double Convex lens, 38 mm diameter, glass

2.Prism, equilateral, 25mm x 50mm, acrylic

1.Double concave lens, 38mm diameter, glass

1.Plain lens, 38mm diameter, glass

2.Mirror, square, acrylic 2.Plastic mirror support

1.Wooden lens holder

1.Beaker, graduated, plastic

1.Flashlight (2 batteries included)

1.Plastic screen, white 1.Clear glass screen

1.Candle 5.Cellophane square in 5 colors

1.Activity Guide, containing 20 experiments