NMRA01 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Apparatus

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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Apparatus

  • Demonstrate the basic phenomena of nuclear magnetic resonance
  • Measure the nuclear magnetic moments of hydrogen and fluorine
  •  Determine gyromagnetic ratios
The NMR Apparatus is a set of equipment for introducing students to the basic phenomena of nuclear magnetic resonance using the CW (continuous wave) technique. It allows the hydrogen proton resonance to be observed in six different chemical environments. A fluoride sample also permits the fluorine resonance to be observed and compared to the hydrogen values.
Further investigations allow the nuclear magnetic moments of the hydrogen proton and the fluorine nucleus to be measured and the use of NMR for the precise determination of magnetic fields to be demonstrated. If a gaussmeter is available, values for the gyromagnetic ratios of hydrogen and fluorine can be independently determined.

Requires: Oscilloscope  Includes: Permanent magnet, oscillator, frequency counter, and power supply