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Molymod MMS-003-Organic Teacher Set

Molymod MMS-003-Organic Teacher Set

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Molymod Organic Teacher Set

Demonstrate the key areas of organic chemistry including all functional groups, alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, alkyhalides, alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, nitriles, amines, esters, aromatic and heterocyclics. Each set is packed in a plastic box for convenient storage. A wide variety and quantity of atom-parts enables a vast number of possible organic or inorganic models to be assembled and reassembled.  111 atom-parts 24 Carbon, 4-holes tetra, black 14 Carbon, 6 tribipyr., 2 lin., 6 trig., black 12 Oxygen, 2-holes ang., red 40 Hydrogen, 1-hole, white 4 Nitrogen, 4-holes tetra, blue 1 Sulphur, 4-holes tetra, yellow 1 Sulphur, 6-holes octa, yellow 4 Phosphorus, 4-holes, purple 8 Halogen, 1-hole, green, 17mm 3 Metal, 2 1-hole, 17mm, 1 ang., grey 55 links, grey, medium ML-12 25 links, grey, flexible long ML-13 60 links, white, short ML-10 1 link remover tool

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