Molymod MKO-123-26 - Ice Crystal Model - 26 atoms

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Molymod Ice Crystal Model - 26 atoms

Molymod Ice Crystal Model Set consists of 26 water molecule units arranged in 2 layers of 13 each and molecules molded in durable, colored plastic. Model illustrates how the orientation of ice molecules causes the volume of water to expand as it freezes while clearly differentiating between hydrogen bonds with purple links and covalent bonds with short white links to reinforce polarity alignment. Model with 26 red oxygen atom centers is designed to represent sp3 hybridized orbitals and the angular arrangement of atoms in each water molecule. Model includes an instructional leaflet, short link remover tool, compartmentalized storage box, 26 red oxygen spheres, 52 white hydrogen spheres, 52 short white links and 40 purple medium links. Model suitable for use in entire classroom or small group instruction can be repeatedly assembled and disassembled as needed to visualize the processes of freezing and melting.