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Multi Pack 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Green Laser

Klinger Lasers are classroom safe and are designed for teaching and learning about light, lasers and optics.

Our Laser's can be used just like a laser pointer or on a white board with their powerful magnets to keep them in place.

You can place multiple lasers together side by side to create a Ray Box for even more versatility and flexibility.

You have the ability to perform many different lessons and perform labs and activities around reflection, refraction, diffraction and interference. 


Input Voltage  2x 1.5 V Size AA Battery - Included 

Operating Temperature 0- 40c

CLASS 3R Lasers

Lens:  Lens with line projection P-20

Laser Type: Diode

Wavelength RED:  635nm

Wavelength BLUE: 450nm

Wavelength GREEN: 532nm

RULES FOR LASER SAFETY • Lasers produce a very intense beam of light. Treat them carefully. • Never look into the laser aperture while the laser is turned on! PERMANENT EYE DAMAGE COULD RESULT. • Never stare into the oncoming beam. Never use magnifiers (such as binoculars or telescopes) to look at the beam as it travels or when it strikes a surface. • Never point a laser at anyone's eyes or face, no matter how far away they are. • When using a laser in the classroom or laboratory, always use a beam stop, or project the beam to areas which people won't enter or pass through. • Never leave a laser unattended while it is turned on and always unplug it when it's not actually being used. • Never disassemble or try to adjust the laser's internal components. Electric shock could result. • Do not drop the product or expose it to moisture or dust – it can be easily damaged