MED09 Breast Sonography

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Breast Sonography

Examination of realistic breast models with cysts or tumors using the ultrasound B-mode technique

Introduction to imaging ultrasound diagnostics based on the B-mode technique through the examination of realistic breast models with fluid-filled cysts or malignant tumors

Keywords: ultrasound diagnostics, ultrasound imaging, B-mode procedure, array probe, breast sonography, cyst, tumor, artifact

Breast sonography is the examination of the breast using the ultrasound B-scan technique. It is used in medical diagnostics as a supplement to palpation and X-ray mammography. Using two realistic breast replicas as examples, the possibilities and limitations of the B-scan technique can be examined and the basic handling of an ultrasound B-scan device can be trained. Both breast models are made of a material that simulates the haptic properties of real soft tissue and enables ultrasound images with tissue-like texture and echogenicity. One of the breast replicas has fluid-filled, non-palpable cysts and the other has malignant, palpable tumors.


Item No. Designation
10412 Ultrasound B-scan device Gi210
10224 Ultrasound breast model with cysts
10225 Ultrasound breast model with malignant tumors
70200 Ultrasound gel


PHY01 Basics of ultrasound echography (A-scan)
PHY06 Frequency dependence of resolution
PHY08 Ultrasound B-scan
MED02 Ultrasound examinations on the breast model
MED07 Ultrasound test phantom
MED08 Ultrasound fetus phantom
MED10 Ultrasound of the gallbladder