LRB-LED-KL LED Laser Ray Box

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LED Laser Ray Box 

5 - Beam Laser Ray Box 

Includes all advantages of LRB-ELEC-KL laser Ray Box Electronic and also includes 5 LED beams that are red.

The LED Laser Ray Box - consists of five independent laser modules producing five parallel lines that are collimated by LED cylindrical lenses to be extremely visible with pin point accuracy.

It is taped with magnetized foil, allowing intuitive attachment to a magnetic board or use in conjunction with sheets and models from the KO4100L Set. The laser is very effective in the demonstration of light trace. It also effectively demonstrates the transmission of rays through a combination of optical elements. Five clearly visible parallel LED line rays can be seen easily due to collimation by cylindrical lenses.

Moreover, it increases the comfort of teaching of geometric optics due to electronic shade control and green optical axis which highlighted and, therefore, stands out clearly.

Set includes  power supply plug for both 220V and 110V. With the ON/mode/OFF switch, the following light source modes are in option: - five rays (1,2,3,4,5) - three rays (1,3,5) - three rays (2,3,4) - single ray (3) Specification: Laser type (Red):  Wavelength: 635nm / 532nm Output Power/laser class: Pmax < 1mW / II. Ray distance: 18 mm Dimensions:112 x 63 x 23 mm Electrical Requirements: Power: 3V DC / 1A Warm-up time: < 10 min. Stability: <+-20%, 15°C-30°C