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Leybold LD Didactic

200313 LeyLab 365 Digital Content for Science Teaching Annual License

200313 LeyLab 365 Digital Content for Science Teaching Annual License

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LeyLab Digital Content for Science Teaching Annual License

Online portal for the management of experiments and devices

Annual license for any number of users to manage, structure and inventory a complete scientific or technical educational resource collection to optimize the preparation and follow-up times of the lesson.

  • Automatic renewal of the license for one year each until the subscription is canceled.
  • The online portal is platform-independent and responsive and runs on all current Internet-enabled devices.
  • Overview of the total inventory of the educational resource collection, e.g. with number, article name, inventory number, storage location.
  • Overview of all experiments possible with the collection of educational materials or a special device.
  • Installation and management of the individual storage structure such as premises, cabinets, shelves and trays, also with deposited images.
  • Inventory of the complete teaching material collection with indication of the storage location.
  • Inventory of device sets, which in turn consist of several individual devices.
  • Inventory also using internal school inventory numbers or with individual barcodes, also for distinguishing identically constructed devices.
  • Inventory also indicating the availability of a device, e.g. available, borrowed, defective.
  • Generation of individual barcodes for label printing.
  • Support of standard barcode scanners, tablets and smartphones for automated access to devices.
  • Administration also of own articles or articles of foreign manufactureFrs, including description, pictures, documents, media and comments.
  • Import of existing inventory lists.
  • Access to instruction sheets, safety data sheets and other media - expandable with your own documents.
  • Optionally extensible (paid) for online access to various experiment literature.
  • Creation and documentation of own experiments with corresponding hints, pictures and comments.
  • Creation and export of inventory lists with indication of number, article name, storage location, status, inventory numbers and comments, e.g. in Excel or LibreOffice.
  • Creation and export of experiment lists, which are feasible with the collection of teaching aids taking into account the availability of the individual devices, e.g. in Excel or LibreOffice.
  • Creation of the device lists of an experiment with the indication of number, article description and storage location, e.g. as PDF for printout.
  • Creation of an up-to-date list of hazardous substances with designation, danger symbols and storage location of the hazardous substance.
  • Free online demo access available at



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