LABKIT-13 Piece Set - Complete Research Grade Lab Starter Kit

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13 Piece Set - Complete Research Grade Lab Starter Kit - Includes Rod, Base, Tongs, Rings, Test Tube Stands, Clamps & More

  • RESEARCH QUALITY || This ultimate laboratory starter set includes a rod, base, tong, stand, clamp and more
  • COMPLETE KIT || Test tube/lab instrument rack will hold up to 17 objects. (8) small holes have a diameter of 12mm, (6) medium holes have a diameter of 18mm, and (5) large holes have a diameter of 25mm. The rack is powder coated and chemically resistant. Tripod is cast metal and is 190mm in height and has an inner diameter of 7.5cm and an outer max diameter of 12cm. Wire mesh is a square with 12cm sides and a 8cm diameter heating surface. Ring clamp with boss head has and inner diameter of 76mm and an outer diameter of 91mm, the bosshead can accept rods up to 20mm in diameter. Burette clamp holds burettes with diameters up to 22mm (usually 100ml burettes) and is spring loaded with 100% powder coated parts.
  • INCLUDED || The base is 5"X8" powder coated alloy to resist chemicals and rubber lined bottom to stabilize and prevent bench scratching. Rod is stainless steel and is 12mm in diameter. Bosshead holds 2 rods perpendicular to each other and will accept rods up to 24mm in diameter. The boss head holds the lab clamp which has a maximum opening of 100mm and a minimum grip of 2mm. Both the bosshead and clamp are powder coated. Test tube brush is 21.5cm in total length, the brush section is 100mm in length and 12.5mm in diameter. Flask tongs are 250mm in total length, have vinyl coated tips and has a maximum opening of 200mm. Spatula has both a spoon side and flat side, is a total of 150mm long, and has a maximum width of 20mm. Crucible tongs are 250mm in length and have a maximum opening of 200mm. Test tube tongs are 170mm in length and have a maximum opening of 70mm.
  • GREAT FOR CLASSROOM & HOME LABORATORIES || The durable and sturdy construction of this set makes it an excellent choice for science classrooms, household laboratories & basic professional laboratory setups

13 Piece Research Grade Laboratory Starter Kit
This laboratory kit has everything you need to start up, or supplement your wet or dry bench for chemistry, biology, physics, geology, or biotechnology. It is a 13 piece kit that would cost significant more time and money to source all parts to get you going. The kit is made of research grade epoxy and powder coated components. Perfect for outfitting a basic or advanced lab.