KSCIPLC Klinger Scientific Planck's Constant Experiment Set Up

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Klinger Scientific Planck's Constant Experiment Set Up

This experiment uses the photoelectric effect and Einstein's equation to measure the constant h. The box also contains a class set of LED boxes where the constant can be measured using a voltmeter and an ammeter using the equation E = hf. 

To determine the Planck’s constant using LED.

Key Features:
• Built-In Heater: The heating element is built in the system and is powered by 12V input. The efficient heating mechanism heats the system to required temperature in a few minutes with minimum power requirement of 40W.
• Modular Design: The modular design of the setup allows testing of different colored LED’s.
• Built-In Voltage and Temperature Probe: All the necessary parameters to be measured are available directly on the setup itself.

  • Product code is KSCIPLC

What you Need

KSCIPH94004 Planck Constant Apparatus 1
KSCIPS61035D/5 Power Supply 1
KSCIPH64505 Multimeter 1
KSCIAC012 Syringe, 20ml 1