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Klinger Scientific

KSCIORBL Klinger Scientific Orbiter Illuminated

KSCIORBL Klinger Scientific Orbiter Illuminated

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Klinger Scientific Orbiter Illuminated


  • Made of superior quality polymers
  • A smooth Gear-driven model.
  • Mounted on a sturdy base, labeled with each month of the year.
  • Includes a detailed instruction manual.
    Illuminate the Sun to effectively demonstrate daylight, night, seasons, and phases of the Moon. The Sun, Earth and Moon manually revolve around one another on this gear-driven model. The earth and moon are shown in true scale. The scale is 1 inch = 2000 miles. Arm is 15″, Sun is 6″ and the Earth is 4″ in diameter. Includes Lesson Plan which includes basic investigations and activities on Day and Night, The Seasons, The Moon, plus Observations and Activities.



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