KSCIMOD Klinger Scientific Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus

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Klinger Scientific Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus


The Millikan oil drop experiment aims to determine the elementary electric charge,the
basic unit of charge carried by an electron. It also confirms the idea of quantized
electric charge, bolstering modern physics theories.


The Millikan oil drop experiment determines the elementary electric charge by balancing gravitational force with electrical force on charged oil droplets suspended in an electric field. By measuring the motion of these droplets, it enables precise calculation of their charge and the fundamental unit of electric charge.

Key Features:

  • Compact Construction: Constructed on rigid MS Housing contains parts which can
    be easily accessed for refilling of oil & cleaning of chamber.
  •  Modernized Version: Equipped with a digital microscope offering 200X
    magnification and LED chamber illuminator for convenient viewing of oil droplet.**
  • Versatile Compatibility: Supports multiple devices for efficient data collection and
  • Effortless Control: Features a polarity reversal switch for easy adjustment of the
    electric field's direction.

    Adding value to your Lab Processes
    **To capture the movement of droplets, the mounted camera shall be connected with a Laptop/Desktop( Not Included ).

What's Included:

Non Volatile Oil