KSCIHT Klinger Scientific Heat Kit 1

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Klinger Scientific Heat Kit 1

Heat Kit 1 includes materials for over 13 activities on thermodynamics-based topics. The kit comes in a heavy-duty carry-case for ease of storage. A full manual with detailed activities for both the teacher and the student is included.

Experiments include:

  • Psychrometry,
  • Newton’s law of cooling,
  • Specific heat of metals,
  • Specific heat of water,
  • Expansion of water,
  • Heat of fusion,
  • Linear expansion of a solid,
  • Phase transitions and cooling curves,
  • Heat conduction in a rod,
  • Convective heat transfer,
  • Pulse glass,
  • Expansion of a gas,
  • Expansion of a liquid,
  • Thermocouple,
  • Thermostat.