KSCI-HLEF1 Klinger Scientific Hall Effect Complete Set Up

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Klinger Scientific Hall Effect Complete Set Up

The Hall Effect is the generation of a side-to-side voltage in a conductor or semiconductor carrying a current when it is placed in a magnetic field. The effect is widely used in magnetic field sensors. It is associated with several well-known systematic errors, some of which can be eliminated by special measurement techniques.

This Hall Effect Apparatus consists of a mounted n-type semiconductor chip on a traverse mechanism, a pair of coils, relay-controlled reversing switches, and a control unit with connecting cords.

• Explores the Hall Effect in a GaAs semiconductor

• Explores systematic errors and their elimination

• Determines the conductivity of the semiconductor

• Uses the semiconductor to plot the coils’ magnetic field


• n-type GaAs Hall sensor chip

• Helmholtz coil pair 75mm effective diameter, 11.25mT central mag-netic induction at 0.5A

• Two-axis mechanical traverse for field plotting

• Constant current sources for magnet (0-0.5A) and Hall driving current (0—3mA)

• Reversing switch for exploring the elimination of systematic error

• 3-1/2 digit current and voltage meters

• Metal storage case for the Hall Effect board