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Klinger Scientific

KSCI-FCPN Klinger Scientific Foucault's Pendulum Set Up

KSCI-FCPN Klinger Scientific Foucault's Pendulum Set Up

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Klinger Scientific Foucault's Pendulum Set Up

This Foucault’s Pendulum Apparatus is a carefully constructed miniature version of Foucault’s device. Since the forces causing the precession are small, the effect is easily disturbed by other small environmental forces. To eliminate drafts, the pendulum is enclosed in a glass case, and the heavy vibration-damping base is equipped with leveling feet. The pendulum is electrically maintained to counter air resistance damping, and the swing amplitude can be adjusted using a potentiometer.

• Precise Demonstration Model Shows Earth’s Rotation 
• Electrically Maintained — Needs no Attention
• Ideal Display Item for Science Rooms, Foyers, and Museums





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