KSCICOBS Klinger Scientific Complete Optical Bench Set

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Klinger Scientific Complete Optical Bench Set

The complete optical bench set is an economical alternative to conventional, expensive optical benches. This set provides accurate demonstrations of basic optics principles. The complete set includes:

  • Optical bench-double-sided meter stick.
  • One object and marker.
  • One screen support.
  • One candle holder.
  • One pair of metal supports.
  • Two lens supports—38 and 50mm.
  • Five white board screens, each 10 x 12.5 cm with a millimeter scale along one side.
  • 12 paraffin candles.
  • Lens concave 38 and 50mm with focal length 15cm each.
  • Concave mirror 50mm.
  • Bulb holder and bulb with connecting banana plug leads.