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Klinger Scientific

KSCI-PH93225G Klinger Scientific Digital Gauss Meter

KSCI-PH93225G Klinger Scientific Digital Gauss Meter

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Klinger Scientific Digital Gauss Meter

Digital Gauss meter works on the principle of the Hall Effect in semiconductors. When a semiconductor with current flowing in one direction is introduced perpendicular to a magnetic field a voltage is produced at right angles to the current path. The magnitude of this voltage is proportional to the intensity of the magnetic field. This voltage is called Hall Voltage. This Hall voltage is amplified and calibrated as the magnetic field.


  • Range: 0-2 KG & 0-20 KG.
  • Resolution: 1 G at 0-2 KG range.
  • Display: 3½ digit LED.
  • Power Supply: 120V 
  • Transducer: Hall probe-In As.

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