KSCI-PDS Klinger Scientific Pulley Demonstration Set

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Klinger Scientific Pulley Demonstration Set

The Pulley Demonstration Set is designed to illustrate the working principle of simple machines. From the wheels on a bicycle to the gears in a car, the Pulley Demonstration System helps explain how things work. It helps student to understand the concepts of the mechanical advantage, the efficiency of fixed and moveable pulleys etc. Students perform quantitative experiments on fixed and moveable pulleys, trains of fixed and moveable pulleys, the wheel and axle and the capstan etc.

The set includes:

  • Wooden base includes Size – 81 x 20 cm. capstans, sockets (2) and an eye hook.
  • Rods : 3 (Dia. – 12.5 mm x L- 81 cm).
  • Collars with hook: 8
  • Right-angled clamps : 3
  • Wheel axle: 1
  • Bar for tightening vertical rods: 1
  • Masses: Slotted brass weights. 2×10 gm, 2×20 gm 2×50 gm, 4×100 gm, 4×200 gm, 1×500 gm Total 15 weights.
  • Weight hangers: Brass hangers 5×50 gm, 1×20 gm, 1x 10 gm.