KSCI-FBTB Klinger Scientific Fine Bean Tube Basic Experiment

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Klinger Scientific Fine Bean Tube Basic Experiment

Deflection of electrons in a closed circular path inside a magnetic field
Determination of specific change of an electron e/m
Closed orbit or spiral path

The fine beam tube is used for investigating the deflection of cathode rays in a uniform magnetic field produced by a pair of Helmholtz coils (KSCI-HCL). In addition, it can also be used for quantitative determination of the specific charge of an electron e/m.

Located inside a glass bulb with a helium residual gas atmosphere is an electron gun, which consists of an indirectly heated oxide cathode, a Wehnelt cylinder and a perforated anode. The gas atoms are ionized along the path of the electrons and a narrow, well-defined, luminescent beam is produced. Incorporated measurement marks facilitate a parallax-free determination of the diameter of the circular path of the beam deflected in the magnetic field.

1 pc Fine beam tube KSCI-FBT
1 pc Fine beam tube base KSCI-FBTB
1 pc Helmholtz pair of coils KSCI-HCL
1 pc DC power supply KSCI-QP500E