KS9001 Orbital Models Set

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Orbital Models Set

This complete set includes 1 s, 3 p, 5 d and 7 f orbitals models, 22 sp hybrid orbitals (13 of KS9020 and 9 of KS9021), 20 loose 'p' orbitals, 6 tetrahedral frames and 60 white balls for field charges. The perfect demonstration set to display the complex concepts involved in quantum physics. Orbital models were designed to show the angular distribution of the "s", "p", "d" and "f" orbitals and to show how these models may be used to illustrate a number of aspects of molecular orbital and crystal field theories. It is hoped that three dimensional models will help students to understand ideas that many of them find difficult to visualize from two-dimensional drawings in textbooks.


Models are made of painted hardwood lobes mounted on nickel-plated steel axis. Models are approximately 10" high, clearly identified and packed in individual boxes.