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KS8028 Diamond Molecular Model

KS8028 Diamond Molecular Model

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Diamond Molecular Model

Klinger Molecular Models 

Each atom of the diamond is surrounded by four atoms directed in space toward the vertices of a tetrahedron. The hardness and large density of the diamond can be explained from the compactness and rigidity of its structure. Because the diamond is a macromolecule, it has an extremely high melting point (above 3500◦C). Strong co-valent bonds restrict the movement of valence electrons, making it a non-conductor of electricity. The unit cell contains 8 atoms: one atom is in the corner of the cube, one on each of its faces, and four located within the unit cell. Compounds which have this crystal lattice structure are CuCl, CuBr, Cul, Agl-beta, ZnS, CdS-Beta, HgS, ZnTe, CdTe, HgTe, SiC. When all sites are occupied by the same kind of atoms, the structure is that of C (diamond), S, Ge, Sn (grey).

 This model is hand made in the USA by Klinger Educational Products. This is a permanent structure. We only use grade A materials. The 1 inch balls are made of hard Maplewood that includes an enameled painted finish. Polished steel rods are used to connect the wooden balls together.

Diamond contains  66 -  1 inch balls.

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