KS7997 Set of 14 Bravais Type Lattices Molecular Model Set

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Set of 14 Bravais Type Lattices

The set of 14 Bravais space lattices was designed for use in the teaching and study of fundamental lattice types. Bravais space lattices represent the 14 basic lattice types from which according to Bravais, practically all natural crystals originate. The models have an edge length of approximately 15cm, and are assembled of 25 mm wood spheres, connected by metal rods. Six different colors identify each crystal lattice with one of the six fundamental crystal structures. Models are sufficiently large for demonstration purposes. Each model comes clearly labeled, and can be ordered individually, or as a complete set.



KS7997a Triclinic 1

KS7997b Monoclinic 1

KS7997c Monoclinic Base-Centered 1

KS7997d Orthorhombic 1

KS7997e Orthorhombic Base-Centered 1

KS7997f Orthorhombic Face-Centered 1

KS7997g Orthorhombic Body-Centered 1

KS7997h Tetragonal 1

KS7997i Tetragonal Body-Centered 1

KS7997j Rhombohedral 1

KS7997k Hexagonal 1

KS7997l Cubic 1

KS7997m Cubic Face-Centered 1

KS7997n Cubic Body-Centered 1