KS7149 Zincite Molecular Model

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Zincite Molecular Model

Zincite is the mineral form of zinc oxide (ZnO). Its crystal form is rare in nature; a notable exception to this is at the Franklin and Sterling Hill Mines in New Jersey, an area also famed for its many fluorescent minerals. It has a hexagonal crystal structure and a color that depends on the presence of impurities.
Zincite crystals can be grown artificially, and synthetic zincite crystals are available as a by-product of zinc smelting. Synthetic crystals can be colorless or can range in color from dark red, orange, or yellow to light green.Both natural and synthetic zincite crystals are significant for their early use as semiconductor crystal detectors in the early development of crystal radios before the advent of vacuum tubes. As an early radio detector it was used in conjunction with another mineral, galena, and this device was known as the cat's-whisker detector.
This molecular model is made in the USA by Klinger Educational. Our crystal models are made of wooden 1" balls and metal spokes. Each atomic model represents the internal arrangement of the atoms which determines the physical and chemical properties of the material.

This model is hand made and is a permanent structure. We use only grade A materials including 1 inch balls made of hard maple wood which includes an enamel painted finish. Polished steel rods are used to connect the wooden balls together.

Zincite includes 39  1 inch balls.