KO4100M BlackBoard Optics™ Basic Set (Magnetic)

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Blackboard/Whiteboard Optics™ Basic Set (Magnetic)

An assembly of ray-projectors, lenses and mirrors that mount directly to the chalkboard, via magnet clamps. Perform experiments directly on the board, chalking in lines, measuring angles and calculating formula.

*Design and price change in packaging- Blackboard Optics will now come in a durable cardboard box instead of wood. The set will still come packed into custom cut foam inserts to keep the materials neatly and safely contained for storage. This design change reduced the price and now makes this wonderful teaching apparatus more affordable.


Klinger Blackboard Optics™ is a unique approach to teaching principles of optics and properties of light. Experiments in refraction and reflection are performed directly on the blackboard without darkening the room. Visibility is assured because of the large acrylic lenses. The special ray projectors may be arranged to form a pencil beam of light or a divergent cone by means of a fingertip adjustment. With the components in place, the instructor can chalk in axes, normals, tangents and equations directly on the chalkboard.

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