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KO4100AM BlackBoard Optics™ Accessory Set (Magnetic)
KO4100AM BlackBoard Optics™ Accessory Set (Magnetic)
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KO4100AM BlackBoard Optics™ Accessory Set (Magnetic)

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Blackboard/Whiteboard Optics™ Accessory Set (Magnetic)

Set of components for extended applications in optics. Filters, gratings, prisms and slits all mount directly on the chalk board. Featured is the Multiple-ray projector which produces five adjustable rays which is ideal for ray tracing demonstrations.


Klinger Blackboard Optics™ Accessory set, which includes the Multiple Ray Projector, expands the number of experiments possible with the basic optics set by introducing necessary components to explore color, dispersion, magnification, advanced focal length and virtual image experiments. Lenses of various focal lengths, slits, diffraction grating, polarizing filters, and prisms are included for demonstrations such as the telescope, microscope, camera, and eye defects. When the Diffraction Grating is used with the Fluorescent Screen, both the visible spectrum and a portion of the ultraviolet can be observed. In addition, it is possible to demonstrate reversal deviation angles in the colors of the spectrum.