KLLOS1 - Klinger Laser's Laser Optics Set - Red Laser

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KLLOS1 - Klinger Laser's Laser Optics Set - Red Laser

The Laser Optical Set is made for demonstration of the wave properties of the light.

A Laser Optical Set is a collection of optical and mechanical elements that have been designed to make the observation and easy understanding of physical principles of wave optics possible. By such means the usual way of theoretical teaching may be raised to a higher level. It helps in the demonstration of wave optics principles such as interference, diffraction, linear polarization of light, or hologram reconstruction. All components contain a magnetic mounting base. The set is packed in a plastic carry case designated for safe transport and convenient storage.

The following principles are easy to demonstrate:

  • basic optical principles of light diffraction using diffraction elements
  • the phenomena of coherent light interference, 2-beam, as well as multi-beam interferometers, interference of both plane and spherical wavefronts
  • reconstruction of holographic images
  • the behavior of linearly polarized light

The set consists of:

  • red diode laser 635 nm (Pmax = 1 mW; Laser class: 2) mounted in an adjustable holder
  • magnetic board
  • 2 pcs mirrors mounted in adjustable holders
  • semitransparent mirror mounted in a holder
  • polarizing filter
  • lens
  • image screen mounted in a holder
  • ground screen mounted in a holder
  • plan parallel plate
  • set of diffraction and interference structures
  • hologram mounted in a holder
  • plastic carry case
  • power supply 100-240V AC/ 3V DC
  • battery box (2x 1.5V AA battery type)
  • 2 pcs universal holder
  • holder of polarizing filter or lens