KL-ALS Klinger Laser's Astro Laser Set

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Klinger Laser's Astro Laser Set

This set has been designed for simple and clear demonstration of the principles of astronomical phenomenon's. The set contains a total of 8 topics and 29 tasks divided into 14 example sheets.

The Astro Laser Set presents massively extended version of our best-selling product – Ray Optics Demonstration Set, but focused on area of astronomy. This newest teaching equipment is intended and applicable for almost all age groups - from 8 year-old children to adults. Its goal is to acquire basic astronomical knowledge in an interactive way. The set improves the quality of teaching and offers the new possibilities in this constantly evolving field of science.

The Astro Laser Set uses two different independent sources of light (white LED, red and green laser light), which represent the Sun or the stars and are visible even in normal daylight or under artificial lighting in the interior. The kit contains plastic elements that present cosmic bodies (Earth, Moon, exoplanet ...) and optical elements (lenses, mirrors, etc.). The working drawings have exactly marked positions where optical elements, light sources and other objects are supposed to be placed during each task.

All topics and tasks can be conducted by a lecturer of the class in the field of astronomy, physics, optics, mathematics, geometry, etc. Some optical elements from the set (lens, scattering, semicircle, mirrors) can be used to explain and represent other optical phenomena (refraction of light, light reflection, etc.). Every element is taped with magnetized foil at the bottom, allowing intuitive attachment to a magnetic board.

Astro Laser Set contains:

  • Instruction manual – printed
  • Light sources – white LED, red and green laser raybox
  • Optical models (15 pcs) – 4 different lenses, 8 pieces of different of mirrors, equilateral prism
  • Astro objects – Earth, Moon, Albedo, Exoplanet, Earth’s atmosphere, bottom pads for the Moon
  • Example sheets (14 pcs) for very simple and quick preparation of demonstration.

The whole set is stored in a lightweight plastic case allowing comfortable transport. The demonstration is done quickly if the desired objects are located on assigned positions on the sheets:

1 – View Of The Sky
2 – Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum
3 – Phases Of The Moon
4 – Eclipses
5 – Albedo
6 – Galilei Telescope
7 – Kepler Telescope
8 – Spherical Aberration And Its Correction
9 – Newton Telescope
10 – Cassegrain Telescope
11 – Hubble and James Webb Space Telescope
12 – Radio Telescope
13 – Searching For Exoplanets By Eclipsing Method
14 – Variable Stars