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EIRQ05 Electronics System 1 Physics Kit

EIRQ05 Electronics System 1 Physics Kit

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Electronics System 1 Physics Kit

The Electronics System 1 Physics Kit comes with 18 components, including a Circuit Board, and all the Diodes and transistors one needs to investigate core concepts in introductory semiconductor electronics.

With this kit students can explore common experiments such as The Half-Wave Rectifier, Measuring Gain with a Power Transistor, The Infrared Diode and Phototransistor, and The Unijunction Transistor.

Includes an Experiment Guide covering 12 activities:

  • The Forward Bias Diode
  • The Half-Wave Rectifier
  • The Zener Diode
  • The Transistor as a Switch
  • Measuring Gain with a PNP Power Transistor
  • The Infrared Diode and Phototransistor
  • The Light Dependent Resistor
  • Temperature Dependent Resistors
  • The Silicon Controlled Rectifier
  • The TRIAC

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