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EIRQ04 Electrostatic System Physics Kit

EIRQ04 Electrostatic System Physics Kit

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Electrostatic System Physics Kit

The Electrostatic System Physics Kit comes with 26 components, including an electroscope, pith balls, and various rods one needs to investigate core concepts in introductory electrostatics.

With this kit students can explore common experiments such as The Gold Leaf Electroscope, Positive and Negative Charges, Insulators and Conductors, and Coulomb’s Law.

Includes an Experiment Guide covering 11 activities:

  • Exploring Electrostatic Charge Using Rods and Cloths
  • Movement of Charge on an Object
  • Is There More Than One Type of Charge
  • Comparing Magnetic and Electrostatic Forces
  • The Electroscope
  • Conductors versus Insulators
  • Charging objects by Induction and Conduction
  • Volta’s Electrophorus
  • Coulomb’s Law
  • The Conducting Cup
  • Faraday’s Ice Pail

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