D1.1.1.3 Determining the Volume of a Drop of Water Leybold Physics Lab Experiment

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Determining the Volume of a Drop of Water Leybold Physics Lab Experiment

Object of the Experiment:
1. Determining the volume of a drop of water

Carrying out the Experiment:
- Add coloring to about 200 ml of water in the measuring
- Close the stopcock of the dropper funnel, and pour colored
water into the funnel.
- Open the stopcock carefully. As soon as the first drop falls
from the funnel into the graduated cylinder, start counting
the drops.

1 665 073 Dropper funnel, 75 ml, ST 29
1 665 751 Measuring cylinder, 10 ml, with plastic base
1 300 02 Stand base, V-shaped, small
1 300 43 Stand rod, 75 cm, 12 mm diam.
2 301 01 Leybold multiclamp
2 666 555 Universal clamp, 0...80 mm
1 604 211 Measuring beaker, PP, 1000 ml
1 309 42 Colouring, red, 10 g



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