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KSCICPNS1 Advanced Pendulum Set

KSCICPNS1 Advanced Pendulum Set

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Advanced Pendulum Set

Bring your physics equipment into the 21st century with this complete pendulum set. The simple pendulum includes a set of twelve 25 mm drilled pendulum balls in six different materials, a triple pendulum clamp, and suspension cord. The balls are counter sunk to the center to allow for suspension at the center of mass. The period dependence and energy in both linear and conical motion can be explored. The physical pendulum consists of a 60 cm aluminum bar with a heavy moveable steel mass and a knife-edge suspension supported by a table clamp. The period dependence on the mass position can be explored and compared with calculated moments of inertia to verify the theoretical formula. The Wilberforce pendulum consists of a heavy cylindrical steel bob with small adjustment masses hanging from a long spiral spring. It can oscillate in two different but coupled modes- linear oscillations (up and down) and torsional oscillations (spinning). The kinetic energy flows back and forth between these modes. The exchange is only complete when the weights are adjusted so that the periods of the two modes are exactly equal. The simple geometry allows the moment of inertia in the spinning mode to be calculated for theoretical comparison of the two periods. The period measurements of each type of pendulum are easily made using a motion sensor.



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