RL-CDM-100 CoDrone Mini

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Meet CoDrone Mini

Small in size. Big on code.

The CoDrone Mini is our miniature drone, meant to be a great introduction to coding. Start at the basic level, with block-based coding using Blockly, and move on to advanced-level topics in Python, such as plotting sensor data or how a gyroscope and accelerometer works.

Why learn to code with a drone?

 Coding can sometimes be very abstract for students to understand, especially when they can't see how code can affect the real world. CoDrone Mini makes their code take flight! And who doesn't love watching things fly?

It’s tiny and durable

 CoDrone Mini fits in the palm of your hand. It's also durable, so you can trial-and-error as many times as you need to get it right!

See your code actually take flight

 Learning what functions and variables are is much more exciting when it makes your drone draw a star in the air or do a flip. Do a bunch of activities that keep moving while you learn.

Tons of lessons for education

 We cover the basics starting from learning about loops and conditionals then going into much more advanced topics like reading sensor data and using it to graph data in Python. Students get tutorials, teachers get lesson plans.