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CLRE02 Electric Calorimeter

CLRE02 Electric Calorimeter

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Electric Calorimeter

Calorimeters are used to explore the basic physics of heat and energy. Experiment topics include heat and energy interchange, heat and temperature, heat capacity and specific heat, latent heat, and much more. This Electric Calorimeter is well suited for classwork on all of these topics by its robust construction and attention to detail for ease of use. Can be used as either an electric calorimeter or a class standard calorimeter.


Diameter: 10cm
Height: Calorimeter only: 11cm, Overall: 15cm
Liquid capacity (inner can): 175ml
Heat capacity (inner can): approx. 25J/°C
Weight: 205g
Electrical: Requires 6VDC, up to 2A. Coil resistance: 2.5 - 3Ω


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