CH0554A Watch Glass (Beaker Cover), Pack of 12

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Watch Glass (Beaker Cover), Pack of 12

  • Made from high-quality glass

  • Ideal for classroom use

  • Diameter: 5cm

  • Great for evaporation or holding samples

Includes: (12) Watch glasses

Watch glasses are highly functional laboratory glassware that have a variety of uses in the classroom or lab.

The concave dishes are designed in a variety of sizes, our EISCO watch glasses work well as lids for flasks and beakers, or holding small samples for observation under a low-power microscope. These watch glasses are ideal for evaporating liquids off of samples, such as growing seed crystals. They can be used for making lenses of ice or other liquids.

Available is sizes 5cm, 6cm, 7.5cm, 9cm and 10cm.