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Leybold LD Didactic

C3.6.2.2 Analysis of Cigarette Smoke

C3.6.2.2 Analysis of Cigarette Smoke

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Analysis of Cigarette Smoke

Smoke from cigarette tobacco contains not only nicotine, but also many toxic substances, including nitrogen oxides, tar and formaldehyde. In experiment C3.6.2.2, cigarette smoke is analyzed for various airborne toxic substances. In so doing, different cigarette brands and strengths can be compared.


665 914 Gas syringe, 100 ml with 3-way stopcock 1

666 313 Testing tube for NOx, 0.5...50 ppm, set of 10 1

666 319 Testing tube for CO, 0.5...7.0 %, set of 10 1

666 314 Testing tube for SO2, 1...25 ppm, set of 10 1

667 015 Glass file, triganular 1

313 07 Hand-held stop watch I, mechanical 1

additionally required: cigarettes

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