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Leybold LD Didactic

C1.4.1.1 Determination of the Oxygen Content of Air

C1.4.1.1 Determination of the Oxygen Content of Air

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Determination of the Oxygen Content of Air

Experiment C1.4.1.1 determines the oxygen content of air. The determination of the oxygen content uses the fact that certain substances can react quantitatively with oxygen to form oxides. For this purpose, the oxygen of a defined volume of air is reacted with copper and removed from the gas space as copper oxide.

From the resulting reduction in volume, the oxygen content of the original air can be easily calculated in per cent by volume. The gas remaining in the apparatus can be studied further: One can find out that it does not sustain combustion.


Components of experiment:

1 664 0771 Reaction tube, quartz, 160 x 20 mm Ø, GL 18
1 664 079 Copper wire gauze, roll, 80 x 7.5 mm Ø
1 665 912 Gas syringe, 100 ml
1 665 914 Gas syringe, 100 ml with 3-way stopcock
1 665 936 Immersion tube manometer, after Schiele
1 666 714 Cartridge burner, DIN type
1 666 724 Wide-flame attachment
1 300 76 Laboratory stand II
6 666 4660 Adhesive magnetic board, 300 mm
5 666 4665 Holder, magnetic, size 5, 30...32 mm
1 666 428 Panel frame C100, two-level, for CPS
1 667 312 Glass connector, 2 x GL 18


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