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C1.1.3.4 Analysis of Rutherford Scattering

C1.1.3.4 Analysis of Rutherford Scattering

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Analysis of Rutherford Scattering

The fact that an atom is „mostly empty“ was confirmed by Rutherford, Geiger and Marsden in a momentous experiment. They let a parallel bundle of α-particles fall on a very thin sheet of gold foil. In so doing they found that the vast majority of α-particles pass through the gold foil almost without any deflection at all and only very few are deflected to any large degree. They concluded from this that atoms comprise a nearly massless, extended shell and a massive core concentrated practically at a point.
Experiment C1.1.3.4, carries out an observation with an Am-241-preparation in a vacuum chamber. Depending on the scatter angle ϑ the scatter rate N(ϑ) of the α-particles is measured with a Geiger-Müller tube.


Components of experiment:

1 559 82OZ Am-241 preparation, 330 kBq NOT INCLUDED - SOURCE LOCAL
1 559 56 Rutherford scattering chamber
1 559 52 Aluminium foil in frame
1 559 931 Discriminator preamplifier
1 562 791 Plug-in power supply, 12 V AC
1 575 471 Counter S
1 378 73 Rotary-vane vacuum pump S 1.5
1 378 005 T-piece, DN 16 KF
1 378 040ET2 Centring rings (adapters), DN 10/16 KF, set of 2
1 378 045ET2 Centring rings, DN 16 KF, set of 2
2 378 050 Clamping ring, DN 10/16 KF
1 378 771 Air inlet valve, DN 10 KF
1 378 031 Hose nozzle, DN 16 KF
1 667 186 Vacuum rubber tubing, 8 mm diam.
1 501 01 BNC cable, 0.25 m
1 575 24 Screened cable, BNC/4 mm
1 additionally required: PC with Windows 7 or higher






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